I will see you again when the Pandorica opens.


Stonehenge is one of my favourite archaeological sites of all-time, of all-time! /end Kanye voice

I can’t guarantee it will be as good as an experience for you as it was for me, but to me, it was an absolutely magical place to be. I suppose it had something to do with the simplicity of the site (while at the same time you can still clearly see it’s an artificial structure) with the stones plus the never-ending grassland around it. And the weather was good that after thanks to the blessing of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


You can’t get too close to the stones, as expected, so you can’t really channel Tess or go dig up Rory, but it’s a good thing.

Because there are always going to be loads of tourists and so when no-one gets to get close to it, everyone gets to take ridiculously decent photos of it. The fact that it’s rather photogenic to begin with doesn’t hurt.


As an integral part of the ticket price, you get an audio guide also. But the hypothesis of what this place was about kept changing so it was only really most useful for guiding you to not miss a single rock.


Was it a temple? Was it a graveyard? Was it just something for winter solstice? Could you find a broken Cyberman arm underneath?

I guess we will never know…

Directions: I went from Cambridge on a day trip, going to Bath in the morning and Stonehenge in the afternoon. Definitely not enough time to go into the Roman baths, but if one isn’t interested in queueing for the baths, then it’d be the perfect tour. Tour included only transportation.

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