Cardiff, Wales (+ Doctor Who Experience)


Cardiff! Honestly I went just so I could say I’d been to Wales, and also for Doctor Who Experience.


Near Doctor Who Experience is Cardiff Bay, where Torchwood was filmed. This is a memorial forced on to the council by the public for Ianto.

That font though…


There are basically two sides of Cardiff. One is this side with the historical buildings, and then there’s the other side, coming up very soon…


The Shire of Ianto Jones.

People started posting stuff up there after Ianto Jones’s unfortunate death. The council wanted to remove it but caved it in the end.


Doctor Who Experience is called as such because it’s not just a museum, but essentially an episode in itself. Whilst some may laugh at the unnatural acting of the “curator”, it’s still quite fun. Not to mention you do get to a museum in the end.

I bought lots of souvenirs, including a TARDIS clock.


Downtown Cardiff. They had a bike thing that’s why.


Cardiff Castle. Not as built up as I thought it would be, but still cool.

The keep on the right was disappointing as it’s empty inside. Was expecting it to be a bit more like the Red Keep.

It’s good that I can read some Spanish now, because the English signs are always occupied. When the Spanish ones weren’t available either, I went for the Japanese ones.


I literally couldn’t recognize it so sunny. In Torchwood, it’s almost always raining. Couldn’t get to the perception filter.


The inside of a real-life TARDIS in the museum!

No, we couldn’t touch anything…


Help! I’m trapped in a Dalek!

I am not a Dalek.

I am a Dalek.










Going back to the nice part of the town.

Newport seemed cool too, btw. But I didn’t take any photos.

People were nice. I walked from the city to Cardiff Bay but I didn’t want to walk back, so I asked the staff if I could get on even though my ticket was from Cardiff city. And he was fine with it.

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