Toluca, Edomex, Mexico


Toluca is the capital of the State of Mexico and was at one point considered for the country’s national capital. It’s today a major city for car exports to the United States.

The layout of the historic centre was very similar to that of Mexico City’s. But outside of the small centre, it’s not that nice.

Toronto, Canada


The University of Toronto at night.


Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, although still not that packed. It used to York, before the United States invaded and burned it down.


It’s also known to be the city where His Worship Mayor Rob Ford was in charge.


It’s a relaxing place to be and one of the most ethnically diverse town I’ve ever been to.


It’s likewise a walkable city, although it did mean it didn’t impress me too much.


I even went to the cathedral and asked for prayers for The Queen of Pop Madonna for her loss of sales. Unfortunately, Rebel Heart didn’t perform better than MDNA on the charts, so I guess god doesn’t exist?


Queretaro, Mexico


Queretaro is the capital of the state of the same name, and it’s the site where the second Mexican emperor, the Austrian archduke Maximilian, was executed. Napoleon III’s France wanted to build a Catholic empire south of the protestant United States, and invaded Veracruz with three other countries, after President Benito Juárez stopped paying Mexico’s foreign debts.

Parts of the country were taken over by the French, but His Excellency never gave in and refused to be His Imperial Majesty’s prime minister.


While the city is in itself a colonial town, the principal site is the aqueduct pictured here, although in person it’s not that pretty, and it’s quite far from the city centre.

Oaxaca, Mexico


Oaxaca is the capital of the state of the same name, and was shaped by the dictator who ruled Mexico for decades around a century ago.


It’s a nice place, and somewhere where I’d say was more “imperial” than “colonial”. Allegedly, the president wanted to build it like it’s Paris, but he’s never been to Paris and so…


Its top attraction is the monastery, which to be frank, felt more like a major palace.


Tuxtla, Chiapas, Mexico


Tuxtla is officially the capital of the “free and sovereign state” of Chiapas, although most tourists go straight to the historic and cultural capital San Cristóbal de Las Casas, and the airport is actually like an hour away from the city.

The church pictured above looked different, but overall the city was just a giant market.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires is the capital of the big South American nation of Argentina (which doesn’t own The Falklands), with also a nickname “Paris of the South”.


It’s an exceptionally beautiful city with strong European, rather than simply colonial, flavours.


Although of course to me, its biggest attractions were all Eva “Evita” Peron-related.


I legit enjoyed my time though, in spite of some guy selling socks hitting my head in front of their Senate. Not to mention they have issued an arrest warrant for Justin Bieber.


Where Madonna made her speech.




The Holy Father’s home country.


Evita’s final resting place.