Aswan/Abu Simbel/The Nile/Felucca, Egypt


Aswan is the southern-most city in Egypt with some temples.


One of the nearby temples in this one built by the Greeks who ruled Egypt after the death of gay emperor Alexander the Great.


The Greeks wanted to be accepted by the masses, thus they built everything in Egyptian style.


Some years later, Coptic Christians occupied many of these places.


Abu Simbel, another temple, is one that’s relatively close to the Sudanese border and is another popular attraction around 3-4 hours from Aswan.


Another main activity to do in Aswan is to go on the Nile.


There are two temples in Abu Simbel. Carved into rocks, designed to let the light shine into the sacred room, and later moved up to avoid having them drowned, it’s definitely worth a visit.


The famous statues in Abu Simbel.


A felucca. One can choose to take a cruise or one of these up the river.


This lake was in fact artificial to an extent so Egypt gets enough electricity. It would flood many archaeological sites, so there were large projects to relocate them.


The feluca is a tiny boat that allows around 10 people to sleep on the same surface, and does not have a lavatory or anything.

Most people seemed to have really enjoyed it, but it was hell for me. There were lots of mosquitoes after sunset, it’s quite cold in the mornings, quite hot in the afternoon, one may not shower there, may not have a decent mattress or pillow to sleep on, and the blankets were itchy. Oh, and you eat where you sleep too so it’s scraps everywhere.

It’s also very boring. And the crew smoked.


The High Dam. Definitely can skip this. They built this but they didn’t have the money, so they nationalized the Suez Canal.


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