Petra, Jordan


The lost city of Petra is one of the main tourist attractions in Jordan.


It is a city that is basically a collection of temples, with a very nice landscape.


It’s got some plants and is firmly in the desert.


Bought another headgear. Bargained it down from JOD15 to JOD6.


There were a gigantic amount of oriental tourists, although Japanese ones seemed to outnumber the rest.


It has gotten plenty of Roman structures, too.


Interesting rocks.


It’s a pretty big place and there are many routes. But the hike up to the monastery is the main one. It’s around 1.5 hours for me from the entrance to here.


Many people will try to sell you a donkey ride, telling you it’s an hour-long hike. Fake news. It’s around 20 minutes each way.


To get to Petra by bus, you will need to be at the bus station before 6am, and to leave, be there before 3.30pm. It’s around 4 hours each way. They played a promotional short film with His Majesty The King taking an American journalist on a tour around the country.


The only theatre caved into a rock.


The ceiling of the main building of the royal tombs. It’s the only one tourists are allowed in. In the middle, you see the crack created by the major earthquake.


The famous treasury.


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