Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Perú


The shore/pier of Copacabana, the main entry to Lake Titicaca from Bolivia.


The welcoming Inca ruins on the Sun Island.


Around the port city itself, the biggest attraction is climbing up a summit.


On the Sun Island, one can spend around 2 days there, but if you go for a day tour, you’d only really have time to go up to observe the lake.


The boats go to the Sun Island twice a day, and they take 1.5 hours each way. Nevertheless, it’s not really that far, the boats just go incredibly slowly.


The only site you can get to (apart from the welcoming ruins) if you have only an hour on the Sun Island.


But way before getting to the port, you already see the lake and actually have to cross a narrow channel. Everyone’s supposed to get off the bus to get a boat (with an extra charge), but I fell asleep and no-one woke me up.


When the boats go back from the Sun Island to the port city, they stop by this palace for 15 minutes.


The main church in the port city.


The water was amazingly clear.


I foolishly thought it was something that should be done on a day trip, when really it could have been 3-4 days. The Sun Island could be 2 days, then you go to the Moon Island for another day.


And near the port city, there are several other sites as well, so that itself can be a day.


The boats’ charges do not include the entrance to the Sun Island.


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