Peloponnese (Corinth Canal, Epidaurus, Náfplio, Mycenae)


On this day tour, we went on a very, very packed trip to several places on the island/peninsula (depends on if you think the canal has made it an island), with the most famous theatre (entrance pictured above) in the world being the main attraction.


But we actually spent the most amount of time here. An acropolis and a grave.


The doorway to a fortified ancient city.


And the royal grave.


A close-up of the bricks on the sides.


The theatre, known for its acoustics! They’re still using it for Greek theatre performances but since it’s so far from Athens, it’d start in the afternoon and get back at 2am.

Lots of people clapping on stage. Not really that great, but you can certainly see why actors wore masks.


The seats.


There were other structures on top of the theatre, but we weren’t given any time to explore any of them…


Since we weren’t given much time to see the other sites, and we weren’t even told they existed (we had to pass through all of them regardless), it was quite a rush walking through the museum and the other parts. Two people were late for 15 minutes and the guide was extremely upset.


In a similar fashion, we parked very far from the castles and spent maybe 5 minutes there.


The canal was nice, and even though we were there for merely 10 minutes, that was more than enough.


We were finally taken to a shop. You would not expect something like this to a 100-Euro day trip.