Amecameca, Edomex (Mexico City Metropolitan Area)


Amecameca, or colloquially Ameca, is a small town in the State of Mexico, once again within the Mexico City metropolitan area.


In the city centre, there are several structures, such as this arch.


But the two volcanoes close by are much bigger attractions.


Or rather, the Paseo de Cortes, where the Spaniard allegedly passed, or the hiking trails up.


Within the city, one could walk up a smaller hill to a church.


Or to the hacienda, an area that’s basically like a hotel resort/theme park.


The volcanoes are not that frequently visited, and travelling up there wasn’t entirely easy. It took me literally hours just waiting and waiting. There’s a small museum up there but nothing much. Kept worrying about not being able to get a bus back to Ameca.


The hacienda was genuinely decent. It’s got something for everyone – there’s a maze, there were pools, there’s a lake with stuff, there were workshops, there were museums, there were biking trails, and there’s this historical building, where the famed Mexican poet The Rev Sister Juana Inés de La Cruz lived for several years. She’s the woman featured on the $200 banknote, and this was the literal scene. #feminism


There were two workshops – one to make your own volcano, another one to make cheese (I wasn’t sure if I did it right).