Fortaleza, Brazil

Jujuy, Argentina

San Salvador de Jujuy is the capital of Jujuy. The airport is quite far away and not well connected! I could take a combi to the city no problem, but heading to the airport before 8am the only option was a taxi. :O

It’s a small city but some historical buildings. Before I left, I also witnessed the Native American mother nature festival.

San Pedro de Atacama desert, Chile

The rainbow valley and rock paintings. They were fine but probably my least favourite since it’s not something new to me. Some of the paintings were quite interesting, such as how there’s a monkey when monkeys don’t exist in this area.

Probably my favourite tour. A 4am start to catch the geysers before sunrise, then visited a small town, a frozen river, and a valley. Cold it was indeed, but I was all right despite not having the proper clothing. The smoke wasn’t hot.

Classic Atacama. Atacama is the second-driest place in the world and the driest true desert. It’s been a warm winter but snowed when I was there. The Moon Valley was quite disappointing. We didn’t even stop there and it didn’t look anything like the Moon. The sunset on the mountain I think was the best part, even though it got quite chilly after.

The city is a small one, I had to take a combi from Calama airport to San Pedro de Atacama. The best thing about it was the meteorite museum. It’s small but it’s very informative, with an audio guide, then an actual guide, with many different kinds of meteorites!