Sydney, Australia


I have been to Sydney before this, and found it uneventful. Honestly was planning to pop over to New Zealand but then the airfares were simply too cheap to neglect. (Also couldn’t be bothered to get another SIM card and currency just for a few days in NZ.)


My first visit to Australia was actually overshadowed by the 2006 tsunami as it hit many of our favourite destinations in Thailand and so perhaps it was for the best I went a second time.


I even explored some new places like the hippie town. I’m not a hippie tho. It’s just very colourful with lots of Buddhas and stuff.


In addition, I went to the observatory and it was educational.


Walked all the way to the university too. Architecturally pretty.


And the Blue Mountain. It was nice. Australia was the reason why I wasn’t impressed by the nature sites in Mexico. I’ve seen them all.

I had a bit of a scare here tho – I deviated from the main route just because, and I got lost in the woods (there were no signs or anything). I lost reception too,  and somehow the one split second I got accessing the internet I couldn’t load maps (not that it would really have helped anyway, looking back), but a Facebook message from my mother getting upset as I wasn’t responding to her messages.

As I clearly had more pressing issues at hands, I continued ignoring her and in fact that was the main reason why I’m still not reading all of her messages.

Byron Bay, Australia


Byron Bay is what you may called oriental Australia – it’s the easternmost point of the Australian mainland (it has got some dependencies, including one called Christmas Island, further east).


A lovely lighthouse. Generally-speaking, it’s a good getaway although there may not be much to do.


Supposedly, one may be able to spot a whale or two from here. I didn’t. Still worth going though, especially since someone drove me there.

Weed Town Nimbin, NSW, Australia


Two dead blonds I guess referred to Diana, Princess of Wales, and Marilyn Monroe (shouldn’t they be blondes though?), but I can’t figure which three songs the sign was referring to – “Candle In The Wind 1997”, “Candle In The Wind”, and “Your Song”, perhaps? Though the original CITW was a massive flop so I don’t get why it was even included.

Anyways…In this town that surely pleases The Queen of Pop Madonna, you get to see loads of people selling marijuana. Actual weeds, cookies, and all that. Everyone tries to sell you stuff.

I didn’t try anything though. All in all just a hippie town.